Multi-factor Authentication

for web services with high security and privacy requirements

Enables a particularly secure login as well as the revision-proof authorization of transactions and the electronic submission of digitally signed data or documents.


Use cases

  • A complete authentication solution or addition to an existing system with increased security and two-factor authentication
  • All network-based services on the Internet/Intranet with high demands on access protection due to personal data or data which is relevant for payment transactions according to eIDAS, PSD2, etc.
  • Web portals, apps or authentication components for these services


  • No costly and unpredictable in-house developments; maintained by secunet
  • Custom look & feel: Configurable branding and UI contents
  • Very short integration and rollout phases, trouble-free parallel operation with legacy systems during the migration phase
  • Flexible coverage of a wide range of security requirements
  • Futureproof: Additional token types; new cryptographic procedures or standards can be integrated at any time