Ease of integration

The architecture of the protect4use server is designed to be easily integrated into a new system landscape. As a consequence, the protect4use server can work together with all kinds of back-end systems (databases, IDM systems) and front-end systems (portals, special applications). During integration, the existing system landscape and interfaces are analysed to enable effective integration. Existing data storage systems are used as far as is possible so that the protect4use server ideally should not require any dedicated data storage facility. Please contact us regarding integration into your system landscape so that we can ensure optimum functionality for you.

The process of integrating secunet protect4use into existing infrastructure is simplified thanks to the use of established protocol standards. Specific modifications are possible.

  • Future-proof – adaptation to specific needs, flexible integration of new tokens and easy and fast integration of new methods all possible
  • All-purpose – the solution is suitable for both cloud applications and a variety of hosting scenarios