Means of authentication

The token types already available at this time are

  • User name with password
  • SoftPSE – The key data is present in a certain file on the file system here
  • USB token – Cryptographic token that is referenced via the USB interface
  • Smartcards – Traditional smartcards
  • Smartphones – The smartphone is used as a token. Depending on the model, the key data may be present in a hardware module.

However, it is possible to integrate other types without any problems. Depending on the token used, two-factor and two-channel scenarios are also possible.

Using smartphones or tablets as tokens


  • Installation of s-pro4u app


  • Soft-PSE
  • Hardware Secure Element (depends on smartphone model)
  • User verification using PIN, fingerprint, wipe gestures
  • With push notifications: Out-of-band authentication also possible


  • No additional costs for hardware tokens
  • Log-in to systems without the need to install clients (ideal for instance in terminal environments and internet cafés)