Authentication with protect4use depends on your requirements of the application to be protected. For example, simple soft tokens can be used for low security requirements and hardware tokens, such as smart cards, can be used for security-critical applications. Depending on the application scenario, the respective token can be used on a stationary PC as well as on a mobile device. When using a smartphone, the secure hardware memories of the devices provided by the manufacturer are also supported (Secure Element). If you already use tokens or have special requirements, the integration in protect4use is already considered.

Document exchange

protect4use also protects processes related to file exchange. The integrity, authenticity and reliability of a file exchange can be protected with protect4use. The user has the possibility to check the integrity of a document in a simple way. At the same time the authenticity and the reliability of the document exchange is guaranteed.

Transactions and authorization

Authenticated transactions, such as bank transfers or the upgrading of a user's security level, are supported by protect4use through the use of flexible interfaces. Any processes can be easily and securely mapped, whereby subsequent verification of the process is possible at any time.

In-App use

All apps installed on the smartphone including the installed browser can use the protect4use app for authentication and all other use cases.